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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cookie -

We're doing good here folks. We've had a lot happen lately. Lotsa new pictures fur you:
Treader with all of mistress's plush Webkinz:
Mistress made Treader pose with this blanket:
Looks how she embarrasses me(!):
But it's funny when she does it to Treader (heeheehee!):
And then she tries puting a cape on Treader (heeheehohohaha, I love it!):
And he proceeds to take it off as soon as mistress's back is turned, but mistress turned around and caught him it the act with this photo as evidence:
Then after a while she put the darn starn thing on ME of all dogs:
Oh well, at least I can be Super Cookie now:
And I don't know why mistress is always looking for the "perfect action shot", but here is one she got of me just before I caught a flying dog treat:
The next day, mistress lost the nail clippers, so Treader had to take a trip to the groomer's:
He was curious at first:
But he hated the nail clipping. They used a dremmel after that:
Treader was glad to get out of there:
And head fur home:

We actually have more new ans pawesome pictures, but mistress's brother is going camping and mistress let her camera get borrowed fur once. Please pray that the camera makes it back home in one piece.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Treader - fed late

Hi all once again. Supper came late tonight. Mistress couldn't feed me til 9:30 PM fur some reason. Since it was so late, she fed Cookie first, then put her in another room and fed me.
Cookie watching mistress prepare my meal. She envies my being fed raw don't you see:
I had to be fed inside since it was so late:
Some say that feeding raw makes a dog blood thirsty. Here I am being blood-thirsty:
Naw, it's just another pick of me enjoying supper! Raw does not really make a dog blood-thirsty.

I like to rub myself on the couch:
And this picture turned out horrible, but here I am jumping onto the bed:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookie - pictures

Today wasn't really very exciting. Mistress was at her friend's house for about 4 hours. Mistress did get some goofy pictures of my though.
This one is from yesterday:
I was asleep this way and mistress thought that I looked goofy, so she got out her camera. When she turned it on, it woke me up and here I am half-asleep with my tongue hanging out
These are from today:
Mistress just HAD to put bracelets on me. *rolls eyes*
My content look.

Treader seems to be doing well on the raw diet already! Mistress says that his breath doesn't stink now and she thinks that he coat seems shinier.
Treader eating his RBM in the backyard. Mistress feeds him his raw on the edge of the porch, but he prefers to eat it in the backyard for some reason.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Treader - 2nd day of raw

The picture to the right is of me standing on my hind legs because mistress is about give me my raw meat. Today, mistress introduced me to an RBM (raw meaty bone), which I loved.
Starting the meal:
Mistress gives it out in my old dish (don't worry, she cleaned about the old kibble crumbs), but it isn't long before I take it out of the dish and eat over the ground.
Yummy. I had taken my RBM into the back yard, but mistress called me back and asked me please not to bury the bone.
After that meat was gone, I went back for the RBM:
Eating my RBM in the backyard:

Mistress had me pose for a few quick pictures:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cookie - Treader officially started the RAW diet today!

Today, Treader started the raw diet. Mistress got some raw chicken out, weighed it (about half a pound) and gave it to Treader. (NOTE: You always need to research on the raw diet and how to feed it before feeding your pets the raw diet.) He loved it much better than dog food. I wish that I could start the raw diet too. I like meat sooooo much better than kibble. At least I get raw chicken feeties though, right? Treader will be getting all chicken this week, and next week mistress'll add more variety to his raw diet.
Mistress took lots of pictures, here are a few:
Mistress served it on a dish at first:
But Treader soon took it off:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Treader -

Mistress got some good pics today.
Cookie waiting patiently for her chicken foot:
Cookie posing:
Mistress went in the truck to get something and Cookie thought she was going for a ride:
She likes to sit in the driver seat:
Then mistress told Cookie to get out:

Cookie missed the Frisbee:
Then she caught it the on the next throw:
Me jumping around on the couch:
This would be a grrrreat picture if only mistress caught me head in the photo:
Me and my toy that is getting worn out:
This would be sooooooo pawesome if all of me was in it! Mistress was amazed that she got a picture of me in the air:
Catching my toy:

Cookie doing her "get up" trick. Mistress had her stop half-way.