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Monday, June 30, 2008

Cookie - Food update

Well, we were going to go to the park today, but we probably won't be able to now. We'll try to go to tomorrow if we don't go today. Mistress took lots of pictures of Treader and me last night and this morning. There was a thunder storm this morning, so I was scared. My bag of dog food is running out already. that's strange. Oh, mistress's mom went to that pet store (Pet Supplies Plus) that opened recently in Kingsland the other day and she found all those foods that we hear so much good about on Dogster. Canidae, Taste of the Wild....problem is she says that we can't afford their prices ($50 a bag). But, she did ask them to specially order Lassie Natural Way, and they will try to get some for us. Yay! Even if we do get to switch back to LNW, mistress wants to keep giving me chicken feet, because they're helping my arthritis more than even LNW did. And think how much they would help me together! Yeah. And that about all happening since the last update. Oh yeah, mistress's dad is starting to get diabetes. The doctors think that it's linked to his medication. Now, I'll show ya some pictures from last night and today:
"This Sheltie Talk book is the book fur me!":
"This Dog Training book is my kinda book!":
"Give me my chicken foot!":
"Why are you making me stay when you put it on the floor for me? Oh well, I'll stay anyway.":
"Yay, I get eat my chicken foot now!":

(Mistress put it in a bowl this time fur some reason.)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Treader again - Art fun today!

Mistress got some art stuff for her birthday, and today she used that to draw a picture of me. Since I'm her dad's "therapy dog", she is going to use that picture as a get-well drawing for her dad. (Her dad's in the hospital. He's been paralyzed for only a few days over 6 years now. He's not always in the hospital, but he got some sort of infection recently.)
She says that she will draw a picture of Cookie sometime

Here's the drawing of me:
And here's the picture that mistress drew that from:
As you can see, she had to ad my other legs in the drawing to keep it from looking funny.
There wasn't much action today.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cookie here with important news

Today is my mistress's birthday! Well, actually it's tomorrow, but it was celebrated today since tomorrow is Sunday. She got lots of presents.

Most of her presents were dog-related. Lots of dog books, including one called Sheltie Talk. She got a Sheltie mousepad, Sheltie socks. The rest of the dog stuff was other breeds. One was a "robot" Chihuahua that walks, barks, wags his tail, and "bounces". (He's in the photo of me above, on the left. As you can see, I don't care for the little barker.) Besides that, nothing too exciting happened today. What did Treader and I give her, you ask? Ourselves, our devotion, our love, our loyalty, our faithfulness.

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is what I forgot to write about tonight. It happened before I howled.
When mistress first let me out this evening, I looked at her like I wanted something. She tried letting me in, but I didn't want in.

Then she figured out that I wanted her to come outside with me. Yay fur her. Then, making sure that she watching, I cast a longing glance at one of my toys, which was sitting on top of the exercise bike out of my reach. She got it down for me and threw it. I went after it, picked it up, and ran all over the back yard with it. I shook it, and then I left it in the back yard. Then I wanted inside.

Treader again...aarrrooooooooooooooooooo

I did something real neat today, but I'll get to that in a minute. Last night, mistress and I had a long play session. Fun! I guess that I need to build up my stamina, because every couple of minutes I needed to lay down and rest for another couple of minutes before I could play again. I'm getting out of shape! Actually, it's been that way for a while. Funny for a dog who used to have to live off garbage on the streets, isn't it? Anyway, mistress got some drop-dead good photos of me in action. One was of me jumping off the bed. My back paws were still on the bed there, just because they lifted off. My front paws were in the air like I was flying like a super hero! I'm awesome, eh? That was fu-un! I love it when mistress spends lots of time with me!

This day was pretty boring...mistress and her mom and brother went to visit her dad who's at the hospital and he will be there for the next two weeks. When they got back, mistress played with me after doing her spelling test (oh yeah, did nt I tell ya, my mistress is homeschooled) and then she had time to play with me for a minute before doing her reading lesson.
Then she let me outside a little later. There was what those humans call a "siren" (but to me it sounds like a lost dog howling for help) going off. Suddenly, mistress and her mom stopped. "What is that noise?" he mom said. It sounded strange to her. "It sounds like a wolf." mistress said. Then she looked at me and Cookie outside. She saw me lifting my head like a wolf when it's howling. "Treader's howling." mistress's mom told mistress. My howl sounds like a wolf's howl, only deeper and it sounds kinda like it's coming from something much smaller than a wolf. Yeah, I don't howl much, but I had a feeling that that poor little lost dog out there needed directions. I mostly gave the directions to him in howl, but some in barks. Mistress tried to get out her camera to record me, but by the time she got the low-power batteries to work I had stopped.
Pretty neat though, eh? I've howled two times before. Once, on the day when mistress first got me I heard a siren on TV and howled while sitting on her dad's bed. Then about a month later mistress's dad says that he saw and heard me wake myself up by howling in my sleep.
Cookie has never really howled, at least not like I do. Sometimes when a car is coming up when she starts barking she will go "BAROOOOOOOOO, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF...!" or "WOOOOOOO, WOO, WOO, WOO, WOOF!"
Another reason why I'm so pawesomly awesome!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cookie once again

Mistress had to go to her uncle's house last night. She got to see and take pictures of her uncle's GSD, India who is almost 2 years old. India's a nice dog, my mistress says. Anyway, mistress came home late last night. Then she had to go to her uncle's house again this morning. What the Woof? Anyway, I was lonely again. What? Yeah, I guess Treader was lonely too. I'll show you some pictures of Indy that mistress took in a moment. There are thunder storms going on right now, so I'm jittery. Mistress also played with Snoopy, her uncle's 2+ years old Jack Russell Terrier.
I'll show you some pictures of him too. But just this once. This blog is about me and Treader not Snoopy or India after all.

India, AKA "Indy" or "Endy":

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Extra post

Treader once again for one more time today. If ya noticed, we added some stuff to the blog layout. I'd like to know how you guys like it, savvy?

Treader again - mistress had us act like models *rolls eyes*

See this picture of me wearing socks? Mistress did that. She had me and Cookie do a bunch of poses last night. I hate posing. But then she started using treats to encourage me. But that was only for a particular picture that I didn't understand what to do in at first. Mistress had me pose without props, with props, playing the piano, silly pictures that I didn't like her taking of me. (Like socks on my head. Grrr) She also took pictures of me taking treats out of her hand. Then she moved onto Cookie. Mistress slipped my fetch ring over one of Cookie's front legs like a bracelet. Heehee! Now that was funny! She stopped the photo session later and went to bed. This morning she played with me and got some great actions pics. She also gave Cookie her chicken foot and medicine and fed us a little early. Oh yeah, mistress spent some time with Cookie as usual, so don't worry about that.
Now, I will show you some of the pictures:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cookie again

So, it's a pretty nice Tuesday. Mistress gave me my chicken foot and my medicine.
Then she tried to play with Treader. Then she made him do tricks. I tried to eat his treats, so mistress put me in a room while she was working with Treader. What the woof? Treats are fair game even if they were meant for another dog, aren't they? (Just as long as no one tries to take MY treats. God help them if they do.) Geesh. Then she found Treader's rubber fetch ring that he got for Christmas. (See picture above.) She tried to get him play with that, but he wouldn't. He just wanted another treat. Gluttonous little guy, isn't he?

Then mistress let me out of that room when she was done.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Treader here again

Last night, mistress's friend came over with her mom to drop off some cat food. Why, you ask? Mistress is taking care of her friend's cats. The cats get to stay at her friend's house, but mistress is keeping the food until her friend gets back.
Her friend tried to make me do tricks. Well, you know me, the only person that I obey is my mistress. But then that friend got out treats and then tried to make me do tricks. Oh, I guess that it wouldn't hurt to obey someone besides mistress. That picture is of me laying down on command for mistress's friend.
Here I am "dancing" for the friend on command:
Oh yeah, I also said hi to her mom (I'm not jumping up, I'm standing on my hind legs so I can sniff her. She had the smell of cats and another dog on her):

This morning, (yipe) mistress got out the comb, nail clippers, spray bottle, and...a nail filer? Oh well, just the first two spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Mistress did Cookie first. She uses the spray bottle to de-smellify Cookie's bum, because Cookie's incontinence makes her bottom stink slightly. Needless to say, Cookie hates it. Then she brushed Cookie, then did her nails, and filed them. (Mistress said that she is going to start filing them so the edges won't be so sharp after the nails get clipped.) Then, she called me. I came after a minute or two, and she took my collar off and brushed me. Then, she let me go for a few minutes. She called me back. I came. Then she held me tight and presented the nail clippers. Not those guys again! This time, whenever I didn't struggle while she was clipping she told me "good boy". When she was done with one paw she'd file my nails, and then go onto the next paw until there was no next paw. I didn't mind the filing too much. Then, she let me go again for a few minutes and got out some little scissors to trim the hair on my paws with. (If she doesn't trim my paw hair regularly it gets to looking all scraggly and unruly.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday thunderstorms. *shiver*

Cookie h-here a-again. T-there's a thunders-storm g-going on r-right now. I'm scared of thunder! *whimper* This morning was real nice. After church, mistress spent some quality time with me and Treader. And ya know how we just love quality time. Mistress played with Treader, which he of course loved.

Mistress also run us through some of our tricks. Like "up", "down" (not lay-down, but down as in get off), "paw", and get it.
This is "down":

Mistress couldn't get up a good picture example of "up". Treader's so fast that she had to try several times before she got the two above pictures.
Then mistress had me do some of my tricks.
Here's "paw":

I'm not allowed on the bed because I have incontinence (although it is mostly under control by a medication called Proin), but she did let me put my front end on the bed.

Then she petted me and told me what a good girl I am. :D
Then mistress had me preform my "get it" trick, in other words do a little catching when she threw something. She made me catch Treader's ducky toy.
Here's what I think of toys since I've outgrown them:

But mistress wanted me to catch, so I did to make her happy.
Here's me dropping the toy after catching it:

And then mistress finally caught a photo of me in mid-catch:

And then her brother wanted a nice picture:

That was nice stuff. But now it's thundering and I'm cared and staying as close to mistress as possible. Hey wait a minute, it's not thundering quite so much. I can still hear some, but YAY IT'S GOING AWAY!