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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cookie - Long time, no post. Sorry

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Been a bit boring lately, and up 'til today we hadn't logged onto Blogger for a while. Plus, mistress misplaced her camera for record time. (One month.) Turns out it was just under the computer table! Can you believe it?
Mistress installed the pawsomely awesome Dogster skin on her Firefox browser:
You can do the same here:

The humans have been doing things like making tornadoes lately:
Good thing that the tornado's in the bottle and can't wreck our house. Even little tornadoes can be bad. Or so I heard.
Mistress did a photo session with Treader yesterday (I need to be brushed and the brush was missing, so she's going to wait to do my photo session):
"Get this...whatever-you-call-it off me, please!"

"Darn mosquitoes!"

Right after snapping at a mosquito.

"Mistress made me pose here. Ooh! Nice view."

"Get me down now, please?"

Treader with a leaf on his head! Teehee!

Then mistress got a treat out to try to make him wave for the camera, and Treader thought she wanted him to dance:
Darn, didn't catch the wave on time.

Okay, here's the wave:
Sorta. More like he's just holding his paw up like Lassie.