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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cookie - I'll Show Mine if You Show Yours

First, let me say that I do not have a favorite toy anymore. I grew out of toys when I was about 8 years old. Even when I liked toys, I didn't have a favorite. But Treader still loves toys. I will post his favorite. He has a lot of toys and he loves them all. But I'd have to say that his favorite is his Ducky that he got for winning a contest on a Dogster group:
Ducky is an Easter toy, even though the contest was about Valentines Day. It used to squeak, but as he put holes in the toy, he pulled the squeaker out. Now Ducky is pretty much de-stuffed, but Treader still loves it. Another toy that Treader loves the most is his Tennis Tails ball:
Treader likes to pull the fuzz of the tail, and of course he likes to chase and catch the ball.

And some more recent pictures of Treader:
What the? What's he doin' here, Kung Fu(?):
Nice pose:

I know that you want to see some of me, but mistress didn't take many pictures of me in the past few days. Weird, huh?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Treader - your vote wanted!

Mistress has entered Cookie and I in Dogster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show. We'd appreciate your vote.


Entries of furamily members:
Soldier (cat)
India's puppies

The ones on Sadie's page are all almost a year or more old since she lives with someone else now.
Pawlease and thank you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cookie - new pictures

Mistress got me a Kong! I love it when it's filled with food. I just can't get all the peanut butter out of it for some reason. I have a virsatile tongue, but not that virsatile.
Mistress got these lovely head shots of Treader (in the first one, he just finished licking his lips):

And Treader got to go to the park (it was his turn so I didn't get to go, but by the yellow moon, why should he have to take turns?):
(In the above picture, only seconds before it was taken, Treader had walked up to the little boy and licked his face.)
Sit/staying at the park:

More of me with my Kong:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Treader - raw update and pictures

Hello everywoof once again. I've been on raw for almost a month now, and the way it's been going I'll be able to stay on it almost fur sure. I only threw up once. (Don't worry, in that picture to the right I'm only yawning.) We scored half a week's worth of beef this week. Mistress's mom had gotten some hamburger meat and when she cooked one it turned out to be hard for people to chew. So she let mistress give it to me on my raw meals. Only problems was that there was no bone in it, so mistress gave me some of Cookie's chicken feet so I'd get some bone. I've also had pork and a few livers this week. Mistress hopes to get some kidneys for my organ content next week. Tomorrow she'll be getting some more meat. The butcher has much better meat selections than the grocery store, so she hopes to get some more variety into my diet.
Enough about raw, I'll tell you about my training. Mistress says that my recall and overall obedience is improving. In my pictures above, mistress set me up there and told me to stay. So I did and I didn't get down until she told me that I could. Here I am after she told me that I could get down:

We've got some pawesome pictures from last weekend to show off:

Ever played Donut-Socks? It's a great game that mistress and I made up. She rolls a few socks into a donut-shape and tosses them to me while I try to catch them:
"Throw it, throw it!":
Another amazing catch by Treader(!):
How high did that one go(?):
Rest time:
Catching a donut-sock during my rest:
Holy donuts(!), this one is BIG(!):
Holding the big one whilst I wait for another one to coming flying my way:
Any more(?):
Me screaming:
Heehee, not really. Just a weird yawn.

And some pictures from the other day:
These flowers bloom every fall:
Mistress had Cookie pose in front of them:
Cookie isn't interested in the flowers, she's looking for cats to chase:
Guess what Miss Glutton got caught red-pawed doing(?):
Yep, stealing the food that gets laid out for the stray kittens. Look at her guilty face!