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Monday, August 30, 2010

I just realized...

I have not kept you guys up-to-date on the latest goings-on. I'm sorry. My blogs have not been my internet priority for quite a while.
Anyway, for one thing Cookie developed fecal incontinence later on in July. We almost decided to put her down. Almost. Fortunately, we asked some people to pray and then she quit having accidents. One or two, but not from incontinence I don't think. I think her fecal incontinence has completely disappeared!

Then Treader was actually afraid of the backyard so that he wouldn't go back there. That caused some problems as you might imagine. I had to start taking him to the front yard so he could do his business.
Then of course his sores from the fiasco with fleas these past few months are still healing and he's keeping them from healing by scratching at them. He breaks cone collars eventually, so we ordered him a "comfy cone" which is made out of cloth. Should be coming soon.

And then to top it all off my dad's in the hospital again for high blood pressure, possible neurological problems, a UTI infection, and I think that's about all.=/

You know, it's funny. Just when you think "nothing's going on, just the same old boring routine", something happens and you want that "boring old routine" back. I guess God's telling me to be careful what I wish for.
I'm very, very thankful for the support given by friends online and off during this time. God has really blessed me with some awesome friends and family. =)
Everyone's prayers and support is much appreciated. Again I apologize for not updating this blog.

And to end this post, the dog's water dish got smashed by a rock in June or July. So we had to get a new--and bigger, one. I was happy when we finally got a new one, because the dish we used in the meantime was so small I had to refill it probably 10 times a day.
Here's the new dish: