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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cookie -

When we went to the park last week, I got to go on the swinging bench! I was a little nervous, cuz that thing is wobbly.
But here I am sitting/laying/standing on it:

We walked around a bit after that. There were some teenagers skateboarding later on, which made me nervous. Don't they know that it's against the park rules to skateboard in the park?
Not much else to talk about today. So here's some pictures:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Treader - Cookie is not overweight anymore

I'm happy for my "sister" Cookie. She is not overweight anymore. Last year, she weighed 94 pounds. Mistress put her on a diet and now she weighs 72 pounds. Mistress's grandmother thought that Cookie was malnourished after this, so she threatened to take Cookie away. Mistress asked some of her friends online on Dogster and other sites the best action to take.
The answer: a vet visit. Have the vet give an opinion on Cookie's new weight.
So mistress did that the next day. The vet said that Cookie is healthy and she's not starved, but she personally thinks that Cookie could use 4 or so more pounds. But it won't hurt Cookie to keep her at her current weight.
She said to feed half a cup more dog food. Everyone was satisfied with the report.
She also gave mistress a suppliment to sprinkle over Cookie's daily meals that helps keep her at the right weight, helps her arthritis, and helps her digestion process.
Here's Cookie now:

Oh yes, and mistress was going through some of her pictures and wanted to post some of what she thinks were the best pictures of us.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cookie - We're doing good

We've been doing good this month. (Don't ask why that was underlined, I'm trying to figure it out myself.)
The humans did a little raking as of late. We have a big yard (two acres).
I'm slowing down. I can't jump high anymore or as good as I used to.

You know I used to be able to jump a six foot fence without getting a running start?

Mistress had me down for this pic:

Mistress got us some late Christmas presents a few days ago:
New Tennis ball:
New stuffie:
New rope:
New squeakie:
I didn't like them, even to catch though. Mistress should have remembered that I don't like toys anymore. Let Treader keep them for his own.