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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New pictures

I apologize once again for not having updated in a while. Won't be updating this blog but about once a month, maybe a lot or a little more or less from now on. I'm is getting more interested in other parts of the internet, and trying to spend more time with my dogs, finishing school, etc. It's been fun voicing things as my dogs see it, but I'm kinda growing out of it. I'll do it sometimes, maybe. I apologize if I'm disappointing anyone. If you are disappointed, just leave a comment about it and I'll keep your opinion on this in mind.
Not much to update on, but lots of pictures:
We babysat a friend's Chihuahua puppy for a while. He was a cutey-pie. Sweet, playful, smart, and a real handful for a dog that fits right in your hand. This particular picture is from a visit he made to us about two weeks before we puppysat him, so he's smaller in this picture than in the more recent ones I am about to show.

The dogs showed some interest in him, but overall left him alone.

Mr. Puppy (whose real name is Oreo) decided that he liked Cookie's kibble. He tried to climb into her food bag, and picked up and ate a piece before we could put it out of his reach.

And Oreo was almost housetrained now. (Was because we watched him a couple of weeks ago and he is probably fully housetrained by now.)

And he has the cutest kink in his tail.

"Forget about the puppy--time for pictures of me."

Did you know that Treader likes the new dirt in our driveway?
"Nomnom. ... Okay, first test of new dirt in driveway passed."

"Initiating second test."

"Second test successful. This driveway is normal in every way and safe to drive on."

And then I had him balance on the back of our (stationary) truck.

What? Cookie too? What tastes so good about this new dirt???
"'s minty?"

The End