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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cookie - New Pics

Sorry that it's been a while. Mistress got held up for about a week, but the rest of our absence really has no excuse.
We have lots of photos to share, though.
But, first, we'll update you about Treader's yearly-check-up at the vet's. It went great! He's healthier than he was last year since the switch to raw and the only problem found was one hookworm, which was most likely aquired during one of Treader's sneaky out-doors-running-loose runs.
We're also seriously considering switching to natural flea treatment in favor of commercial flea control. We are of the mindset that shuns harmful chemicals.


Yay, finally a catch!

"No Frisbee for me, thanks. This weather makes one lazy as a daisy."

This week has been nothin' but rain in the evening. But this evening, by God's grace, the storming stopped early enough for us to go to the park! A different one, this time. It's baseball field. Perfect for us to play around in since it's fenced in. Still, we couldn't close the gate, so mistress kept our leashes on so that she could grab us in case we headed toward the exit.

"You're safe!"

And then we saw a rainbow! And mistress took a picture of it...

Treader was more interested in sniffing than running, and mistress left our toys at home by mistake, so she had to lure Treader into running by running herself. Good exercise for the both of them!
Treader, looking more like his Papillon side...

Me? I'm content to go at a leisurely walk...
And watch the pretty sights and smell the pretty smells.

Some pictures from the past few days...

Kong happiness!

On Treader's birthday (celebrated July 18th), we went to the pet store and he picked out his birthday present. Picture of Burkett's Cookies 'n' Creme, a German Shepherd dog on Dogster
German Shepherd breed information
He picked out this toy:
...but broke it within a week. Surprisingly cheaply made, I guess. He's not normally one to intentionally wreck his toys.

Then we headed over to DQ, where we were supposed to get an ice cream cone, but their machine was broke...

But we did get to meet Treader's former owner, and found out more about his past!
Mistress's description from a forum she frequents:
"Treader's former owner! It's the day we celebrate Treader's birthday, and we had brought him to Pet Supplies "Plus" to buy have him pick out a birthday present. We almost got him a Loofa dog, but he liked the stuffed ball on a rope better.
Well, we were going to get him an ice cream cone from dairy queen (hey, it's only once a year), and while I was waiting outside the front of DQ, one of the workers there came out to take a short break.
She liked Cookie and Treader. Commented that Treader looks like a dog she lost named Camden, just fluffier. This caught my attention, as this was Treader's old name at the shelter. I told her this just a bit later.
After a few more minutes conversation, I asked her how long ago she had lost him and it was about two years. She said that he liked to run off and he got loose while they were moving to another part of the county. The shelter had found Treader as a stray, so it fit together.
He doesn't respond to his old name anymore, but I've always wondered where Treader came from. She says that she had gotten him from a shelter about a year before he ran off, and that he was smaller back then, she thinks that he was just coming out of the puppy stage.
This means I also know a bit more about Treader's age--that puts him at about approximately 4 years old. Which means he was 2 years old when the shelter found him.
(She also said that he'd had his tag on when he got loose, but since they were moving they didn't have the same phone number.)

Just had to share. This had me rather excited.
" Picture of Gray Dawn Treader, a Papillon (and Phalene)/Shetland Sheepdog dog on Dogster
Dogster's dog breed info

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hi, everypup! Been busy lately. Practicing a lot of Agility, and learning how to do the weaves. Funfunfun!

BTW, how's this for a pose(?):

Doing the weaves:
Mistress is teaching them to me using what is called the "weave-o-matics" method. You slant the weaves, then slowly bring them up.
She likes to take pictures, after which is time to review them:

Oh, and Cookie's Kong got misplaced, so she had to borrow mine:

Speaking of Cookie, mistress found an affordable dog food for her that is better than what we were feeding:
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul
It's 24 bucks.

Cookie's getting stiff and the ladder scares her, so mistress couldn't get her to pose with both paws on the ladder.
But I didn't mind.

More weaves!

"Coulda had a V8!" says Cookie.

BTW, if you like our pictures and would like to see more, mistress uploads the very best of them onto her profile on DeviantART. There's a link to her dA profile at the bottom of the page.
A warning, though:
Deviantart does contain some questionable content (though mistress's page does not), and though the mature content filter works quite well, you still need to be careful. So, if you avoid sites with mature content and/or filthy language, avoid deviantart.